'Piano man' not a hoax

London - The hospital treating a mute piano virtuoso, found wandering on a British beach last month, on Sunday dismissed speculation that the man was a hoax.

"He genuinely does seem to be suffering a psychological condition," said social worker Michael Camp, one of the staff caring for the young man since he was found on April 7.

"He never walks in a straight line. If he enters a room, he will not walk across it.

"He will walk round the room, keeping his back close to the walls."

The tall blonde man, thought to be in his 20s or early 30s, was found on the beach at Minster, on the south coast of England, soaking wet but fully dressed in a black suit, with no clue as to his origin.

He has not spoken since and has not responded to written appeals while being kept under observation at a mental health hospital in Kent, southern England.

The silent man, dubbed "Piano Man" by the media, continued to show worrying behaviour, his carers said.

"If more than one person is in the room, his eyes flicker from one person to another," said Camp, adding: "He is petrified by people".

However, he has fascinated social workers, the British media and the general public over his one means of communication: playing classical piano music.

Since launching a worldwide campaign for information about the mystery, police have received around 1 000 calls about the possible identity of the man.

But that has eluded detectives thus far and the trail has run cold.

Minster is located on the south coast and it has been suggested that "Piano Man" could have arrived via the sea - causing his amnesia condition.

When given pencil and paper by hospital staff, the mystery man drew a grand piano, and also sketched a Swedish flag.

But health officials said that his drawing the flag did not necessarily mean he was trying to send a message about his nationality.

And when shown a piano at the hospital chapel, he impressed his carers with a virtuoso performance - during which he temporarily lost the anxiety he has shown around strangers.

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