'Piano Man' was not an Amsterdammer

AMSTERDAM — The mysterious 'Piano Man' who was found in Britain is not the 31-year-old Amsterdam man Marcel Herder, Dutch police said on Friday.

The police statement was sparked by gathering rumours that the man possibly came from the Dutch capital and was listed as missing with police.

Several people from the town of Krommenie, near Amsterdam, thought they recognised the man in a photo circulated internationally by British police in a bid to identify the gifted pianist.

They thought it was a photo of Herder, a former resident of Krommenie and who now lives in Amsterdam, newspaper 'De Telegraaf' reported.

"We have spoken with this man and he has identified
himself," a police spokesman said. "He thinks the attention is unpleasant and has not sought it."

Herder reported to police on Thursday to confirm his whereabouts. Police also told the media that Herder is not listed as missing.

The piano man was found in a confused state on a beach in Kent on 7 April. He was soaking wet and wearing a suit and tie with all of the lapels removed. He does not talk and is only relaxed when he plays the piano.

Police and social workers have launched a global search to unravel the man's identity. Contact has been made with orchestras across the European continent.

The man had no identifying papers or possessions. The only thing that social workers have been able to establish is that he can play piano magnificently.

Hundreds of possible identities have since been supplied to police, but the man's identity remains a mystery.

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