'Piano Man' Speaks, Leaves British Hospital

LONDON -- The "Piano Man" has gone home.

He got the nickname after he was found distressed and soaking wet on a beach in southern England in April. He carried no identification, and the labels had been cut off his clothes. He wouldn't talk, but he did play the piano for staffers at a mental facility where he was taken.

But the man doesn't seem to be a virtuoso. The hospital's chaplain said the patient played a small number of tunes over and over.

A report in Monday's Daily Mirror said the man finally spoke to staffers last week before he left, saying he was from Germany and came to Britain after losing his job in Paris. The report said a nurse asked him Friday if he was going to speak to them, and he simply answered, "Yes, I think I will."

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Fecha: Lunes 22 de agosto de 2005
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