Piano key to wandering virtuoso

A smartly dressed man found wandering in a soaking wet suit near an English beach has baffled police and care workers after he refused to say a word and then gave a virtuoso piano performance.

The man, in his 20s or 30s, wearing a formal black suit and tie, was spotted by police in Kent on April 8 and taken to a psychiatric unit where it has proved impossible to identify him because he stayed silent.

After he was given a pen and paper, carers were given an intriguing clue when he drew an intricate picture of a grand piano.

He was taken to the hospital's chapel where he played classical music on the piano for hours.

However, no one has identified him from his picture on the website of the National Missing Persons Helpline. - Reuters.

Agencias: Reuters
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Fecha: Lunes 16 de mayo de 2005
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