Doctors in England try to identify mute “Piano Man”

LONDON -- He won’t sing them a song, but a mysterious man is turning out to be the “Piano Man” for the staff at a British hospital.

The tall blonde man was found in a soaking wet suit and tie and wandering the streets of a coastal town more than a month ago. Since then, he’s refused to talk—but has played lots of classical piano.

The man doesn’t seem to be a virtuoso. The hospital’s chaplain says the patient has played a small number of tunes over and over.

The staff says he’s been crying lately and is very anxious, but relaxes at the piano.

They’ve released his picture and a drawing he made of a piano—in hopes some family will recognize him.

Fecha: Martes 17 de mayo de 2005
Notas: © 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
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