Czech rocker may hold key to 'piano man' saga

Prague - A second rock musician on Sunday said the mute piano virtuoso found wandering on an English beach last month could be a classical performer who formerly played in a Czech pop band.

Rocker Michael Kocab, said that although he was a bit hazy about dates, he thought the "piano man" could be Tomas Strnad, whom he last saw at a service station in the outskirts of Prague early in April.

"He seemed very unsure of himself - he was clearly not all there," Kocab told the Prague newspaper Nedelni Svet.

"He kept walking up and down behind me babbling something about wanting to go abroad, in all likelihood to America, to pursue his career."

Earlier drummer Klaudius Kryspin that he recognised the silent pianist as Strnad, with whom he used to play in a band called Ropotamo.

"When I saw the pictures of this lost man in Britain, I knew immediately" that it was Tomas, Kryspin said according to British newspapers.

The tall blonde man, thought to be in his 20s or early 30s, was found April 7 on a beach in southern England, soaking wet but fully dressed in a black suit from which all the labels had been removed.

But Kocab said he remembered that he had bumped into the man in the service station on April 10. On the other hand, he said, he had known Strnad all his life and was sure that he was the man he had seen.

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