Czech daily publishes photo resembling piano man

PRAGUE: A Czech newspaper published yesterday a childhood picture of Tomas Strnad, presenting it as proof that he is the mystery “Piano Man” found wandering on an English beach last month.

“He is Czech! Here’s the proof!” exclaimed daily Blesk, over a class picture of Strnad, aged about 10, which showed a stark resemblance to the still unidentified man.

“When I saw the picture (of the unknown man), I immediately knew it was Tomas Strnad,” said Lidmila Svabenksa, the mother of a classmate of Strnad who provided the photograph.

Svabenska was quoted as saying that Strnad was “a gifted boy who did not get along well with his parents.”

British police expressed skepticism Sunday over claims by two Czech musicians identifying the piano man as Strnad, a former member of a rock band in the Czech Republic.

For the staff at the hospital where the pianist has been kept under observation since he was found on April 7, he is known as “Mr X.”

Officials say they have no clues about his identity. When he was found, he was wearing a dripping dark suit and white shirt, from which all labels had been removed.

He has not spoken since, and communicates only by playing the piano.

This undated picture shows Czech Tomas Strnad (first row left), aged about 10, posing with his class mates at unknown location in Czech Republic presenting it as proof that he is the mystery "Piano Man" found wandering on an English beach on April 7.

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