Calls flood in for mystery piano man

An appeal for information about a talented piano player found wandering soaking wet near a beach in Kent has received hundreds of calls.

The unidentified man, described as tall and thin with short brown hair, was wearing a formal black suit and white shirt when he was found by police in Sheerness on April 8th.

Unable to communicate with him orally, staff at the Medway Maritime Hospital handed the mystery man a pen and paper to try and coax some information about his identity.

On seeing him draw a detailed and precise picture of a grand piano, social worker Michael Camp took him to the hospital chapel piano where he proceeded to play classical music for hours.

Following the launch of an appeal to identify the man, the National Missing Persons Helpline has been inundated with calls.

"It's a fantastic response. We have had one definite lead, but I haven't had time to follow it up yet," said Mr Camp.

Speaking at today's press conference, a hospital spokeswoman described their patient as a "very vulnerable man", saying: "He is not talking at all. He is very frightened."

She added: "We know nothing more about this man and we are keen to identify this man. In the meantime we are continuing to care for him."

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