British police seek identity of Piano Man

SHEERNESS, England (UPI) -- British police are searching European orchestras for clues to the identity of the Piano Man, whose virtuoso concert stunned mental health workers.

Authorities found the "extremely distressed" tall, thin man in a soaking wet suit wandering the streets of Sheerness, England on April 7. The man, in his 20s to 30s, has not spoken a word, the BBC reported.

When Medway Maritime Hospital workers tried to get him to write his name, social worker Michael Camp said the man drew a picture of a grand piano and later shocked them by playing for several hours non-stop. The man has since written music.

"By the way he plays piano he is clearly educated and intelligent. If someone comes forward with information then we can take this emotional case forward," Camp said.

The case has drawn comparisons to famed pianist David Helfgott, whose life and nervous breakdown were portrayed in the 1996 film "Shine."

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